What is it?

It’s a biking and walking event with expanded outdoor dining.


What isn’t it?

It’s NOT the 2nd St Festival. There are no vendors, no tents, no bands on stages, no food trucks. The only thing we’re doing is shutting down vehicular traffic and allowing restaurants to add tables for the day.


Will my car be towed?

Cars in areas designated for expanded dining will be towed. We ask that you please move your car if it’s parked anywhere else on 2nd street, to facilitate pedestrian traffic.

2nd Street will be closed from Germantown to Spring Garden. Please plan accordingly.

Easy StrEats Map

Which restaurants are participating?

Añejo, Bourbon & Branch, El Camino Real, Hello Vietnam, Hudson Table, North Bowl, SET No Libs, The 700 Club, Urban Village.


Do I need reservations for sit down dining?

Yes. Sit down dining is reservation only.


Why am I just hearing about it now? 

With the timing of the water department’s sewer project being uncertain for months and then suddenly happening, we wanted to take advantage of the street closure with time to repeat the event if it works, so it came together pretty fast. The City pretty much did away with their professional event management staff right before they launched this open streets program. So, closing a street has not been as smooth a process as it used to be. Many wheels have been reinvented. So we apologize for the sudden notice, but it wasn’t totally within our control.

Will you do it again?

Maybe. We’ll see how this one goes. It largely depends on people behaving, wearing masks, and not making a mess of things.