When did cocktails to go become legal in Philadelphia?

Cocktails to go became legal with Act 21 of 2020, which was enacted on May 21st, 2020. It allows the temporary sale of beer and cocktails to go.


Does it apply to all bars?

No. It only applies to bars, restaurants and hotels that have lost 25% of average monthly business due to COVID-19 and who offer meals to go.

Retail licensees not permitted to sell drinks to go include clubs and catering clubs; any licensee whose license was objected to through the Nuisance Bar program; any licensee whose license is suspended or in safekeeping; and any licensee previously suspended under the Licensee Compliance program.


What kind of drinks are allowed?

You’ll have to wait for those city wides till another day. There are some items not permitted:

Mixed drinks containing wine or beer

Unopened bottles of liquor

Gallon jugs of cocktails

Unopened ready-to-drink prepackaged cocktails

Straight liquor

What size drinks are allowed?

Beverages must come with a secure lid with an additional seal over the straw hole & can be between 4 oz. to 64 oz.


Do you have to order food?

No. But the food in Northern Liberties is really good, so you should!


Is there a drink limit?

No, it is the discretion of the establishment


Can cocktails be delivered?



Can people drive with their drink?

No. Philadelphia’s open container law is still in effect.


How late can bars sell beers and cocktails?



What’s the ID Policy?

You have to show a valid state identification that shows you are over 21 years old. Within 60 days, bars and restaurants must use a transaction scan device to verify a consumer’s age if the person appears to be younger than 35 years of age.


Can people drink on the premises?


Can businesses sell each other alcohol?

Businesses are temporarily allowed to sell liquor to each other so long as they report it to the PLCB within 7 days.  The sale of wine or beer between businesses is not permitted.


When will the rule expire?

After a business reaches 60 percent capacity.