NLBID Affiliation:

I am co-owner of Urban Village Brewing Company.

Qualifications and Assets:

I have over 20 years in retail management and over 15 years in retail ownership.

I have owned and operated businesses in many different municipalities and in other downtown environments.  I have also operated businesses in other BIDs and have been on municipal boards for event planning.

Priorities:   1) Marketing and Promotions, 2) Economic Development, and 3) Cleaning and Maintenance

Vision:  I think that we want to increase foot traffic on 2nd Street as our main corridor.  I believe this will have multiple good outcomes including improving the viability of businesses and therefore eliminating vacancies.  This will in turn improve the already thriving residential market and generally create a better condition for residents of Northern Liberties.

To accomplish this, we need to have regular and compelling programming that is well marketed.  We also then need to execute these programs in a way that visitors will want to return.  Having a clean and well-kept environment is also important to accomplish this guest experience.  I have had success doing all of the above within my own spaces and in other towns and would look forward to bringing those experiences to the NLBID.