NLBID Affiliation:

I work for Post Brothers, a commercial real estate development firm, whose headquarters is on 1021 N Hancock Street. We own and operate the Piazza, Liberties Walk and the new Piazza Alta.

Qualifications and Assets:

I have served on the board for 4 years, and I served 4 years on the board of Germantown United, a CDC focused on Germantown Ave in NW Philadelphia.  I myself personally oversee the Piazza and the new development at 1104 N Hancock and am the best person to facilitate BID issues with Post and our holdings.

Priorities:  1) Economic Development, 2) Streetscape Improvements, and 3) Cleaning and Maintenance

Vision:  Economic Development is number one because we need businesses to have a thriving, diverse neighborhood! We had challenges before Covid, and while most businesses seem to be making the best of our current situation (to great effect), we still need to fill the vacant storefronts with the right mix of retailers to help the neighborhood thrive and continue to be a place people want to live, work and play in. We also need to get more companies to place their offices in NL to help create the daytime density some many retailers say they need to survive. To me, this has always been mission one. Second is the streetscape, once we get retailers in place, and to keep them there, we need to have an appealing place for them to operate and live. NL has the highest per income household in Philadelphia, and the streetscapes do not reflect that. Third for me is cleaning and maintenance as those go hand in hand with my first two priorities. However, picking just 3 of this list, is a challenge.