NLBID Affiliation:

I am a current NLBID board member and also served on the committee that established the BID.

Qualifications and Assets:

I am a Partner of KieranTimberlake, a Philadelphia-based architecture firm that moved to Northern Liberties in early 2015. We renovated the historic Ortlieb’s Brewery Bottling Plant as the new home for our staff of 97 people. My experience designing for the urban environment includes Dilworth Park adjacent to City Hall, the Arden and Philadelphia Theatre Companies, Levine Hall at Penn, renovations to Congregation Rodeph Shalom, and the Master Plan for the Central Delaware. Beyond the region, my work includes the new US Embassy in London, campus buildings for NYU and WashU in St. Louis, and a master plan for the Kennedy Center in DC. This range of experience over three decades gives me great insight into what makes public spaces and streets successful.

Priorities:  1) Cleaning and Maintenance, 2) Economic Development, and 3) Streetscape Improvements

Vision:  As a board member over the last four years I have focused on physical aspects and character of the NLBID, initially establishing a strategy for cleaning and maintenance and then turning to improvements to the streetscape, sidewalks, facades, and parking. While progress has been made, this work is just now gaining momentum as the management and leadership of the BID is fully established. My goal for the next year is to develop planning for the neighborhood at macro and micro scales: an overall physical vision for the BID and identification of “street furniture” (lighting, bike racks, planters, etc.) to guide building owners, developers, and the BID’s own improvement work. Improving the physical environment of the neighborhood will benefit business and building owners, residents, workers, and visitors, while bringing economic development and new vitality to our commercial streets.