NLBID Affiliation:

I am the owner/operator of Spuntino Wood Fired Pizzeria.

Qualifications and Assets:

I have been a resident in Northern Liberties, as well as a business owner for the past 7 years. I am fully invested in our neighborhood and would love to help make NoLibs great for business! I have over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. I used all my knowledge and skill to help make Spuntino one the the premier pizza spots in the city. I also have a deep connection to the neighborhood and my neighbors!

Priorities:   1) Economic Development, 2) Marketing & Promotions, and 3) Sidewalk & Facade Improvements

Vision: South of Poplar we have way too many commercial vacancies. I can only speak to the food industry, but Nolibs has never been a place where my colleagues want to open (which I do not understand why). I want to change that! I believe that through proper economic development and marketing we can help aspiring entrepreneurs realize that NoLibs is the best place to do business!