NLBID Affiliation:

I’ve been part of the Northern Liberties BID from its first inception. Working together with other businesses, helps to make the neighborhood better for businesses and residents alike. Standard Tap is just one of many independent businesses of this unique community and I want to see us all thrive.


Qualifications and Assets:

Living and working in Northern Liberties for many years, I realize that we what we have here is really special. It’s the result of many friends and neighbors who genuinely care about more than their own immediate self interests. Our businesses don’t exist in a vacuum, and our involvement in the community goes beyond our property lines. I want to stay on the board of the NLBID because I think it’s the best tool for us to explore our common interests ( a vibrant, diverse, clean, safe … neighborhood) and organize to ACTUALLY GET IT DONE.


Priorities:  1) Cleaning and Maintenance, 2) Economic Development, and 3) Parking and Connection.


Vision:  We, the business community of Northern Liberties, have gained a voice in City Hall and Harrisburg when we come together as a BID. We contribute to this organization, and we put the work in ( yes, meetings are part of that ) to reach consensus and identify our common goals. We figure out what can be achieved and we make plans to get shit done. It’s worth it. I want to help keep what’s special about Northern Liberties, and leave it better than we found it. Promote an environment where new businesses thrive and creative people are drawn to live.