NLBID Affiliation:

Indy Hall



1) Public Safety

2) Cleaning and Maintenance

3) Economic Development

Qualifications and Assets:

In the past, Indy Hall had a very positive relationship with the Old City BID, and our community’s activities were recognized as reason that people chose to locate in (and stay in) the neighborhood. We had built many relationships with neighborhood business owners and staff that were mutually beneficial, ranging from the impact of our members and visitors choosing to shop and dine in the neighborhood, to sharing our community’s wide range professional resources and expertise to help neighborhood businesses thrive.

We’d like to share bring that 15 years of experience and expertise in community building and resource sharing among diverse business ecosystems to the Northern Liberties small business community.


Ultimately, I think that my resources and experience will be most useful in economic development + marketing and promotions, but since the question is about priorities, I think that public safety and cleaning/maintenance are the foundations of making any efforts in economic development + marketing/promo worth it.

I’ve always operated the Indy Hall community on three principles that I think apply here:

– Look after yourself

– Look after each other

– Look after the spaces we share

People feeling safe in a place is the foundation for any other form of success. People feeling like a place is cared for inspires them to care for it and the people they share it with. And people don’t look after places they share unless they have a shared sense of purpose and momentum towards success.

Ultimately, all of these things are interconnected and feed into each other. If the BID is doing a good job on safety and cleanliness, citizens can better step up to help with other needs.