NLBID Affiliation:

Quaint Oak Bank



1)  Public Safety

2)  Cleaning and Maintenance

3)  Economic Development

Qualifications and Assets:

Growth-focused, results-driven and highly analytical professional, equipped with extensive experience in leading overall company operations with focus on finance management, profit growth, and company advancement. Recognized for solid work ethic and effectively handle multiple priorities. Armed with exceptional communication skills essential in building positive relationships. Well connected to solid network of resourceful professionals within the City of Philadelphia.


The three priorities for me are public safety, cleaning and maintenance and economic development. Public safety is important. It is certainly a consideration for any new or existing resident or business owner. Safety is crucial in establishing a beloved and progressive community. The construction in the area is a true indication of progress. Thus making priority number 2 (cleaning and maintenance) something to be closely monitored. A safe clean and maintained community will attract more people to the area. The challenge is uncovering the true sentiment of the residents and business owners while leading them to solutions that will benefit the great good of the community. Which leads to the the third priority which is continued economic development of the community. Establishing balance while marrying three priorities will improve any community.