NLBID Affiliation:

Laser Philly

Property Owner




1)  Public Safety

2)  Streetscape Improvements

3)  Economic Development

Qualifications and Assets:

I’m an entrepreneur, educator, and creative consultant with experience in solving problems for people and industries by creating innovative products and processes. I graduated from UArts with degrees in Interactive Design and Strategic Marketing. I’ve made a career of transforming complex processes into comprehensive learning solutions for enterprises both large and small. Alongside NextFab and CraftNow, I co-created the Tools of the Trades conference, geared towards connecting small creative businesses with resources they need in order to thrive. I have deep roots in the creative community of Philadelphia. I’m committed to connecting others to the community and promoting the inherent value it brings to the neighborhood and to the region.


I think the key to realizing all of these comes down to: collaboration, advocacy and creative problem-solving.

Ensuring the safety of residents and visitors is crucial to creating a thriving community. As a board member, I would collaborate with local law enforcement, promote community engagement, and advocate for initiatives that enhance public safety, such as improved lighting and non-invasive surveillance systems.

Prioritizing streetscape improvements could go a long way in bolstering/creating a more inviting atmosphere that fosters community pride and supports local businesses. As a visual designer and maker, I think I could bring a lot to the table in order to help execute on ideas in this area.

I’ll leverage my experience as an entrepreneur and creative consultant to provide guidance and resources to local businesses. And, use my network to help bring other businesses to the neighborhood.