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Artists At Work


See art come alive right before your eyes, through the safety of a storefront window. Small businesses are opening their doors to emerging artists and creators and you can watch them work their magic while you stroll through Northern Liberties.

The resulting pieces will be available for sale and exhibited through the end of September.



Art Star, 623 N 2nd St featuring Janell Wysock

Casa Papel, 804 N 2nd St featuring Jackie Quinn

Once Worn Consignment, 906 N 2nd St featuring Peter Oravetz

R.E.Load Bags, 608 N 2nd St featuring Miriam Singer

SWAG, 935 N 2nd St featuring Sam Angel

Trunc, 929 N 2nd St featuring Alec K Rogers and Dindga McCannon


We invite you to make a day of it and enjoy our walkable neighborhood and its many restaurants, cafes, and shops.This partnership between Philadelphia emerging artists and local small businesses is an innovative approach to safely engaging the public in the context of a pandemic and is made possible through a grant by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.