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Breathwork Workshop at Sculpere Yoga

Breathwork is a guided practice that invites us to turn our attention inward to bring your body, heart, and mind into a greater alignment. It is a process of deep somatic listening that has the potential to bring balance to the nervous system, release tension held within the body, and condition our minds for inner stillness. It roots us in the present moment, creating sustainable shifts within your inner and outer world.

This 2.5 hour workshop is an opportunity to engage with our inner landscape and access the healing power of the breath. We’ll begin with a casual lecture over tea, talking science, energetic systems, and the power of self-inquiry. The second part of our workshop will be an experiential deep dive, a FULL breathwork session, that begins with gentle movement and propping for spaciousness in the body. We’ll then practice a restorative style of breathwork— conscious connected, diaphragmatic breathing—to access a state of mindful rest.

*This workshop is for all-levels. 2.5 hours of CEC for YA Teachers.  Reserve your spot today!