• Photo courtesy of Symone Salib


The popular shop-and-stroll event, Artists at Work, returns to Northern Liberties! Working artists will take over storefronts in Northern Liberties several times throughout the year for an evening of art and exploration. Watch the artists create, learn about their craft, then grab some drinks or dinner at a local restaurant.





Dan Fetters



Dan is a muralist that has been commissioned to paint a number of pieces in the Philadelphia area.  While Dan has done a number of pieces in collaboration with clients to meet their needs and desires for a specific space, Dan’s work otherwise is mostly improvised.

Currently, Dan is on a mission to push himself outside of his comfort zone and challenge his travel anxiety by organizing a mural tour throughout the United States. Think comedy tour but with paint and a wall (though all surfaces, from the hoagie entrenched streets of Philadelphia, to the gumbo filled sewers of Baton Rouge, deserve a chance!).


Find Dan at Once Worn Consignment (906 N. 2nd St.)

Corinne Deehan



Corinne is a mixed media artist whose art spans the gamut from silversmithing to ballroom dancing. Her passion has always been to create and due to her experiences in costume production (seeing the massive negative impact the fashion industry has on the Earth), the ideas surrounding the moto, “reduce, reuse, recycle” have been a huge influence on her works. Corinne continues to sew and currently creates mixed media pieces for home and health. She also uses her sewing talents to make repairs, upcycle and create unique fashion items.

Included in this preview, Corinne will be working on face shields with character, style and flash. On display will be a select grouping of other types of work including upcycled obi belts and brilliant boho air plant holders.



Find Corinne at The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop (713 N. 4th St.)

Dane Drago



Dane has been a graphic designer for the past 25 years, working for agencies serving the corporate fields, as well as running his own design firm, Dane Drago Design. He has brought his design expertise to a broad range of categories including consumer packaged goods, retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial services and telecommunications. He holds a BFA in graphic design from LSU and attended Portfolio Center for post-graduate studies. Dane has the ability to see a given project from first idea through conceptual development and design to final execution. His experience encompasses branding, ad campaigns, TV, web, collateral, annual reports, P.O.P. and apparel design.


Find Dane at Hudson Table (1001 N. 2nd St.)

Meghan Gaffney Wells



Meghan Gaffney Wells from Little G’s Letters and Goods is a watercolor artist and hand letterer who loves to help make events, homes, and gifts more personal and beautiful.  For April’s activation, she will be showcasing how to turn lettering into art work for rubber stamps.


Find Meghan at Casa Papel (804 N. 2nd St.)

Johanna Roebas



Johanna is a ceramicist who considers herself a student of art, always looking to refine and expand her skills.  Johanna takes inspiration from the city she lives in, her daily commute, her niece and nephews, adventuring outside running, biking and camping, and all the sights and sound that come along with it.  In every piece, no matter what it looks like, Johanna also imprints a bit of herself whether it be her mood, her energy, or her fingerprints.

For April’s Artist at Work, Johanna will be glazing a new set of ceramic cocktail cups.  Passersby can see the process and watch the glaze creep down the bisqueware cups as they’re being decorated.  Finished cocktail cups will also be on display to showcase the transformation the cups will undergo from the glaze stage to the final fired form.


Find Johanna at Trunc (929 N. 2nd St.)

Symone Salib



Symone Salib (she/her) is a first generation Cuban/Egyptian street artist, muralist, and educator based out of Philadelphia. Through acrylic paint and illustration she works to highlight the lives of people, with an emphasis on BIPOC across her city since 2017. She focuses on vibrantly sharing the stories of people in hopes we can connect and resonate with humans who are different from ourselves. She strives to spread joy and create a space where people are not only seen but heard. Her work is a reclamation of space both physically and politically as she asserts the humanity of black and brown bodies and the necessity for justice against police brutality, sexism and homophobia.


Find Symone at R.E.Load Bags (608 N. 2nd St.)

Sue Moerder



Sue is a skull assemblage artist who “gives life to the dead and discarded” by combining antiques and found objects with animal skulls and bones.  Sue recently stopped tattooing professionally and sold her business of 9 years in Hammonton, NJ, Moerder Tattoos & Gallery, so she could officially make a go of exclusively selling her skull assemblage art right here in the heart of Northern Liberties!  For April’s Artists at Work, Sue will be showcasing her art and how it is brought to life in her home studio.


Find Sue at her studio showroom (214 W. Wildey St.)