Thanks to a grant from the Penn Treaty Special Services District, the popular shop-and-stroll event, Artists at Work, returns to Northern Liberties! Working artists will take over storefronts in Northern Liberties several times throughout the year for an evening of art and exploration. Watch the artists create, learn about their craft, then grab some drinks or dinner at a local restaurant.





Alison Dilworth



Alison is an artist from Canada who has made her home in Philadelphia, where she got her BA from Tyler School of Art. She is a freelance muralist, painter, book maker, writer, bone collector, typewriter junkie, amateur bird taxidermist, treasure hunter, teacher and birth doula. Her work involves building shrines to things unseen or ignored.

Find Alison at The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop (713 N. 4th St.)

Annette Monnier



Annette is a creative professional, artist, arts administrator, and art writer. She trained to be an artist by drawing for long hours shut up in her room as a child drawing the same cartoon dog over and over again. Annette has been drawing black and white little worlds since the early 2000s in an attempt to simplify her life and art practice. In the drawings are everything she likes, or is thinking about, or seems fun to draw. The more details the better. Her current favorite subject matter is imagining a party in a beautiful room in which all the people have suddenly been replaced by animals, not turned into animals, replaced, maybe swapped from one dimension to another.


Find Annette at R.E.Load Bags (608 N. 2nd St.)

Jess Craine



Jess is a passionate watercolor artist that spent her 20s in Philadelphia while migrating south for the winter to New Orleans. She always carried a small sketchbook with her favorite watercolors in a compact travel kit. In New Orleans, the town of hustles, she started selling art on her tricycle during Jazz Fest and on Royal street in the French Quarter, which inspired her to start painting portraits of dogs. For the sake of stability, she is now a full-time Philadelphia resident working as a full-time bike mechanic and part-time artist. Her favorite place is the dog beach in New Jersey with her companion, Zee.

Find Jess at Once Worn Consignment (906 N. 2nd St.)

Justin Timins



Justin’s fascination with photography began as a teenager and re-emerged recently as he took pictures of compositional references and inspiration for his mixed media artwork.  As you can see, it quickly took on a life of its own.  He’s fixated with showing the beauty of the overlooked views of everyday life in the city.  Today, he focuses more on capturing the momentum behind scenes in often what can only be caught in that moment.  Justin tends to gravitate towards the mundane whether it be a unique view of a sunset or the intricacies of a highway traffic jam from an overpass. He works to tell a story with the light and strives to portray the power of a certain composition in that moment.

For June’s Artists at Work, Justin will be taking outdoor portraits of any and all furry friends that stop by.  A free digital image will then be sent to owners.

Find Justin at Trunc (929 N. 2nd St.)




Justus Riveria, Justusviolin, says he was never fully committed to playing violin until later in his life. He was actually gonna quit violin at one point, but when he saw the potential, he began taking it seriously, and it changed his life! He says he learned a lot in a short period of time and now has a big desire to make it. It’s literally all he does. One of his first debuts was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show at age 13.

For June’s Artists at Work and to celebrate Pride Month, Justusviolin will be playing music inspired by disco and Studio 54 on his violin outside of Trunc.

Find Justusviolin at Trunc (929 N. 2nd St.)

Jorge Luis Vega



From their vibrant colors and surreal imagery, Jorge Luis Vega’s work evokes a sense of magical storytelling. His work elicits visceral memories of Vega’s rich history growing up in Puerto Rico, depicting serene landscapes, seascapes and intimate interactions between animals and plant life. These inter-species and environmental connections portray humor and openness, fear and curiosity, and give the viewer a sense that nature truly provides all we need to know about ourselves. Vega incorporates human life in his paintings as well, and often paints himself in his scenes, observing the observer and beckoning the viewer to find their own sense of belonging in his world. The influence of Magic Realism in Latin American fiction is one of the currents that flows through Vega’s works as his dreamlike scenes stretch our sense of reality.

Find Jorge at Pete Checcia Photography & Arts (733 N. 2nd St.)

Vincent Marc



Vincent Marc, more publicly known as Marc, is a Black queer creative director, stylist & photographer. Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Marc became engulfed in the Black culture offered by the city of “Brotherly Love”, leading him down a path of following his passion and talent for creating.  A visionary at heart, Marc’s work explores the themes of identity, sexuality, fantasy and community, pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional storytelling, showcasing Black art in a way that speaks to the mind, body, and soul.

Find Vincent at Hudson Table (1001 N. 2nd St.)

Ash Ryan



Ash Ryan is a female graffiti artist and muralist from South Philly. She has worked in many mediums including oil paint, acrylic, embroidery, printmaking, tattooing and floral design. She now spray paints vivid portraits favorably in a stylized blue, purple and pink hued palate. Ash produced a venerated and recognized large scale (38′ x 38′) mural of Lil Nas X that was requested by the LGBTQ+ community and commissioned by Writer’s Block Rehab in the Gayborhood area of Philadelphia.  The mural celebrates and honors queer culture. It has now been featured in Philly Magazine as well as international Variety Magazine, including other publications. Ash also has a privately commissioned mural of María Félix at 8th and Tasker, an empowering 1940’s actress from Mexico. Ash is available for commissions this summer to provide for your business and the community.

Find Ash at Bagels & Co (1001 N. 2nd St.)