We are a neighborhood proudly offbeat & on track.

Restaurants and Bars deliver our all time favorites in new ways

It is with joy and enthusiasm that we welcome (back) our beloved restaurants and bars. All staff and owners are working very hard to deliver the same quality of their food and drink. They are following social distancing rules and putting together systems that prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here is our most updated list of places with their websites and pick up or delivery information.

Cocktails & Beer to Go

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Northern Liberties: Free to Be

NLBID offers “Launch Kits” to re-opening businesses

If you are a NLBID business getting ready to re-open, you can order a “Launch Kit”. Pay what you can or full price ($190). Deadline to order is Wednesday, May…
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NLTV presents: Guy Stuff with host Gregg Gethard
This one’s if for you, Dad… or any other important Guy in your life! Enjoy the antics of host Gregg Gethard while he features the NL Spring 2020 “Guy Stuff”…
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