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And the winner is….

The Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge was a huge success thanks to our sponsor Stateside Vodka and all sixteen bars that participated. Dying to know the results? Drinkers rated Bloody Marys in four categories: right spice, bling, taste, and halloween-i-ness.

277 votes were cast from October 9th through the 17th. First-time entrant Silk City did major damage with the most votes (79) and crushed skulls in three of the four categories. Last year’s overall winner, The Abbaye, held onto one category title while losing their edge in the overall tally.

Overall winner: Silk City with Jerry’s Bar as a very close second. Standard Tap rounds it out in third.

Right Spice winner: Silk City

Best Bling winner: Silk City

Best Taste: Silk City

Most Halloweeny: The Abbaye