NLBID Affiliation:

North Bowl

Property Owner




1)  Streetscape Improvements

2)  Economic Development

3)  Cleaning and Maintenance

Qualifications and Assets:

As a long time resident and business owner, I have a strong desire to see the second street corridor evolve into its fullest potential. Having lived and worked in the area for close to 20 years, I have a strong understanding of what is lacking and is needed to make this a unique one of a kind walkable neighborhood that encourages strong business growth.


Having a master vision plan for the corridor is my main priority, as this will dictate all other issues and concerns and eventually lead to what we actually experience. I am currently an active member on the Street Scape Steering Committee. I believe cleaning and maintenance is my second priority as this is an area we can tackle immediately. Seeing all the sidewalks repaired is a major improvement to the walk ability of our street. Having a crew maintaining and cleaning makes for a better experience for all our visitors. Finally economic development will bring more visitors and revenue to our neighborhood.