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Gift Card “Easter Egg” Hunt

Don’t think you can wake up early enough to get your clean on? That’s ok, we don’t want you to miss out on the shopping fun! We’ve hidden Easter Eggs – $5 gift cards good for 4/1 only – inside some neighborhood shops. Search the shelves for sweet discounts at our neighborhood retailers. This will be a one day only event so get ready to scour the neighborhood and show some love to all the great small businesses we’ve got!

Participating businesses include:

  • City Planter, 814 N 4th St
  • Once Worn Consignment, 906 N 2nd St
  • Ray’s Reusables, 935 N 2nd St
  • Soy Cafe, 630 N 2nd St
  • The Random Tea Room, 713 N 4th St
  • Trunc, 929 N 2nd St
  • And more!