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Textile x Privacy

Trunc will host a special launch pop-up event titled Textile x Privacy this Sunday, October 15, 2023, at 4:00pm, which is open to the public. Trunc founders and owners Dorothea Gamble and Dagmar Mitchell will host Cap_able Co-Founder Rachele Didero from Italy for the special pop-up event. Italian start-up Cap_able has selected Philadelphia as the first city in the world to carry their clothing line that blocks AI facial recognition and protects a wearer’s privacy without them having to cover their face. Until now the collection was only available online. Cap_able has partnered with Trunc in Northern Liberties (929 N. 2nd Street) to be the first boutique in the world where you can purchase the garments.The event is free and open to the public. For more about Trunc and the event, visit www.trunc.net and follow @truncartisans on social media.

Cap_able is an Italian fashion-tech startup that offers innovative design products combining high-tech and ethics, to open the debate on issues that are part of our present and will shape our future. The company’s first project is the Manifesto Collection: the first collection of knitted garments that protect the wearer’s biometric data, without the need to cover the face.

Cap_able clothing at Trunc

“Cap_able aims at changing the way people look at the clothes and accessories they wear by bringing a completely new and deeper attitude to the fashion industry,” said Cap_able Co-Founder Federica Busani.

Sunday, October 15, 2023, 4:00pm
Textile x Privacy
Featuring Cap_able Co-Founder Rachele Didero

For both company’s, Trunc and Cap_able made for the perfect match – both are women-owned companies and both are working for social change.

“We support women in all they do and offer,” said Gamble. “Trunc’s inventory is 90% women and these two women had something truly new and unique to offer. Trunc introducing it to Philly from Italy is women collaborating and supporting each other. We love introducing new product, new ideas, new makers to our community. When you shop Trunc it’s an experience. I felt this product would not only be beautiful, but it would also be wearable and timeless.”

She added, “I was impressed by the innovation before I saw the clothing. I didn’t fully understand it, but I recognized it was innovative. When I saw the sweaters, I was overwhelmed. I never saw that quality of work by a new designer before, it was heavy, soft, bright, beautiful, functional and had a great story. It was fashion that made a difference.”

Trunc is the only boutique and gift shop of its kind in the Greater Philadelphia region – and Trunc welcomes this new collection and all the conversation that it starts. Stay tuned for more art making a difference with additional pop-ups, new collections and future artisan partnerships in the future.


Arte Con Impacto,  “Art With Impact” Guatemalan Art is on exhibit until 12/31/23. When you buy a piece of art from this collection, proceeds are donated to a Gautemala’s Non-Profit “From Houses to Homes.” This non-profit supplies Guatemalans with free housing and education. You get a beautiful oil on canvas piece of art – and get to do good at the same time.