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Germantown Sewer Project Update

2nd St will soon close at Germantown Ave for about ten weeks. The exact date of this closure is TBD but detour signage, parking restrictions, and street direction reversals are already underway. Here are the details of that closure.

This Trench Graphic 2 shows how the contractor will mobilize to install the new sewer main. The trench will span 2nd St and close sidewalks on both sides of 2nd St. For at least a time, pedestrian traffic will be diverted to American St and back on to 2nd via George or Wildey. American St, George St and Wildey St will all experience directional reversals on certain blocks. Below is a graphic of the new street directions.

Parking restrictions are critical to allow for truck turn radii off of American St and for pedestrian passage. If you see vehicles parking illegally that are preventing pedestrian or truck access, call (215) 683-8773.