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Northern Liberties Restaurants Present “Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge” to Usher in Spooking Season


Philadelphia, PA – Bartenders were working in their restaurants late one night, when from their bars to their streeteries they beheld an eerie sight. The city’s top Bloody Mary began to rise, and suddenly to their surprise the top foodie neighborhood did the mash. Neighbors and visitors are doing the Monster Mash. The Northern Liberties Bloody Mary Challenge will be a true spooky-season mash. With tons of great brunch spots all in a row, the competition caught on in a bacon-infused flash!

Bloody Mary

From restaurants lining North Second Street and even Jerry’s to the East, one by one from Urban Village and El Camino, did the vampires crave a feast. With SET and Añejo newly debuting their humble abodes, the neighborhood will get a jolt from the winner’s red-hot electrodes.

Zombies over 21 will be having tons of fun, but as the locals know brunch season only just begun. The scene has been rockin’ with tables six feet apart, but as sweater weather takes over remember to tip well and then depart. Guests will include Wolfman, Dracula and anyone in your COVID pod. No matter who you bring, though, don’t forget masks for everyone in your squad.

Liberties Business Improvement District is doing the Monster Mash. This new event is a not-so-spooky Halloween smash.Look for garnish, bacon, hot sauce and pickles too. Get ready for a twist on the Bloody Mary unlike any you ever knew.

Monster Mash: Northern Liberties Bloody Mary Challenge is set for an October 10th debut. This new event will help restaurants recover with an idea fun and brand new. Make a brunch reservation and get ready to vote for the winner. Don’t forget to order food with your drink, as all beverages must be accompanied by a form of dinner.

Northern Liberties Business Improvement District presents the Monster Mash with help and support from each participating restaurant and bar. Each eatery will feature one themed Bloody Mary as they compete head-to-head in this fun and light-hearted neighborhood spar.

Participating competitors will include the following, while there can be just winner, the other restaurants will be wallowing. They are all doing the Monster Mash. Come and join them in the new Northern Liberties Monster Mash:

Añejo Philly
El Camino
Germantown Garden
Germantown Garden Grill
Jerry’s Bar
Set NoLibs
Standard Tap
The 700 Club
The Abbaye
Urban Village Brewing Company