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Trunc by Any Means Necessary

Originally posted by LATOI ToiTime on AUGUST 28, 2020


Nothing happens by accident. As I was leaving Set in Northern Liberties I stumbled upon Trunc. It’s a beautiful lifestyle shop full of amazing pieces by various amazing artist. As soon as you walk inside the immediate vibe you feel is one is peace and relaxation.

Vibes Matter

I’m a lifestyle blogger and it makes sense I would be attracted to a lifestyle shop. For me it was easy to walk in (mask on) and do a little impromptu shopping. The only issue while there was there were so many great finds that I had a hard time narrowing down what to get. I’ll share what I purchased later. I was immediately greeted by part owner, Dorothea Gamble. Everything about our interaction wasn’t from a strong sales pitch vibe at all. She was personable and reminded me a lot of one of my aunts. Our conversation led to me requesting an interview.


With A Vision

Trunc is a joint venture for Dorothea and her partner, Dagmar. Together they are providing space and uplifting others. It was always Trunc’s vision to support local artist. Artist coming together and having one central location to sell their pieces was the call and Trunc was and is the vessel. So many artist are considered “invisible” due to not having anywhere for others to “see” them. Although they service artist from all genres and nationalities they do have a large African American presence. When you think lifestyle you think of hand made and one of a kind pieces that people want to represent in their home and lives. That vision has come together beautifully at Trunc. These are the pieces that you don’t want or might not find at a mall or franchise.

Eye Wonders

One of the things I noticed off the bat when I was there was the organic nature of each of the items. The items made you want to touch, to feel, and to have. Prior to COVID-19 Trunc was the spot to come and have events that would draw like minded individuals for that same beautiful goal. Trunc has never had a budget for their artist. They have come together and have made a partnership that has worked for all of them collectively. Everything is appealing and created with the highest of quality.



I think we have heard the words pivoting for quite some time. Trunc opened its doors around October of 2018. This gave them a little over a year to simply co-exist and be the foundation for the artist that they partnered with. When COVID-19 hit they had to made some immediate changes. Part of that change was having an online presence. They didn’t even have a website prior to COVID-19 but they knew in order to survive they needed one. Switching over to being more internet based wasn’t an easy task. Keep in mind those with artist abilities and vision deal more in more of a personable approach than anything else. Times changed. Businesses had to adapt and Trunc was no different. They now have a website that you can shop on. They also offer due to an attempt to pivot Friday curbside pick up.

Truth Hurts

As wonderful as their shop is and as wonderful as the experience has been to be a vessel for other artist it’s not all glitter and gold. With COVID-19 they have seen first hand the downside of being a smaller business. They have yet to receive any of the PPE or grants that was to support smaller businesses in this crisis. They have many new ideas to offer some social distance experiences but without grants it makes it virtually impossible to get those ideas off of the paper and into reality.

People over Profit

This has been their motto but let’s be clear they want to be just as successful as any other business. As many of the initiatives has been to safe the restaurants in Northern Liberties has increased there’s still a need to safe small businesses like Trunc. As much as the city of Philadelphia is know as the City of Brotherly Love it would be great if it matched the sentiments and had some way of making it real across the board. It’s not okay that some of the bigger businesses who don’t need as much help get what they need. There needs to be an equal share of the pie so everyone can be successful. Instead it’s more of a City of Segregation. People of Color especially are left out of the equation.

Keepin’ it Moving

They still with every setback continue to push. They continue to be the vessel for artist. I purchased the Sister Friend Drink ware. They are beautiful and come with amazing sayings. One of the glasses say keepin’ it moving. It’s something that we all can relate to. This notion that life throws hardballs and we all have to move along. When I saw the drink ware I knew I had to have it.


One of my personal purchases
Supporting Other Causes

With all that Trunc does it still pushes through with support for others. The following pieces have a little more meaning to them! Check it out:

Camp Craft Cocktails

This is one of the biggest sales during this time. I get it. Drinking at home has gone up. It has a lot to do with the pandemic as well as bars and restaurants being closed for so long. People prefer to be home and safe while they drink their beverage of choice. With that in mind this Brunch Punch is one of the cocktail mixers kits you can buy. There are several to meet your individual needs. This one is made of Cherry, Orange, pineapple, citrus infused vegan non GMO cane sugar. You fill it with 12 oz of alcohol. Leave it in the fridge for 3 days and enjoy it over the course of 30 days. It has a shelf life of one year. It makes a great gift to give or a personal one to keep.

Wicks for Wags

Part of the proceeds from the candles will support local animal shelters and hospitals. I personally purchased Bedtime Story. It smells amazing! It’s vegan, cotton wick, eco-friendly, and Phthalates free. This makes it safe to burn around my kids and my pet. I really wish you could smell it through this blog. Candles are really one of my favorite go to. It’s relaxing to smell. It sets the mood for some me time or even time with your partner.


Sleep Kit by EssenceOne

Sleep is very much apart of self-care. I’ve been having interrupted sleep up until I started taking charge of it. I’ve blogged about the methods of getting sleep that I’ve found. Here’s another one! This keep kit contains, rest linen spray, sleep roller ball, a honey mint lip balm, and ear plugs. This kit is a great on the go in case you visit with family or friends and are in a new environment. Part of the proceeds will help mental health organizations.

Vivaleaf Tea

Growing up my dad put me on to amazing teas. We had every tea you can think of. Tea is life. As I’ve gotten older I’ve appreciated him instilling tea drinking in me as a kid. This tea is made with tumeric honey that is locally made at a farm.


All in all I would never have even known this gem was right here in Philly. Nothing happens by mistake. It was meant for me to stop in that night. It was meant for me to take the extra step to get to know Dorothea and Dagmar. Both ladies are truly amazing. Their vision is clear-support local artist so they can go from invisible to visible. Support local causes. Learn to pivot in dark times. Bring in the ability for true unification in the way small businesses are supported so they can continue with what they love. These are all lessons we need to apply. With so much division, support is the only way to grow!

If you live in Philly, go to their shop (mask on) located at 929 N. 2nd Street. Go in and be wowed just like I was. Make a purchase or two. Trust me everything is high quality and at all price points. If you’re not in Philly, shop online. Get yourself a view items. Purchase gifts to mail to loved ones and friends you haven’t seen in some time. Send some smiles!

I enjoyed my interview and I already will be back to purchase a few more items. From beautiful artwork, to aromatherapy items, Trunc and the artist that they support has you covered. Let’s flood them with love by following them on Instagram! Let’s flood them with sales. We have to support small business and that starts with how we spend our dollars!

Thank you Dorothea and Dagmar. I send love and an overflow of business and success your way!