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Sidewalk Grant Program takes off

We’re excited to see our Sidewalk Replacement Grant start to make a difference in Northern Liberties! Four properties got new sidewalks recently, each receiving a grant up to $2,400 towards the work. “I’ve gotten so much return on investment being a part of the NLBID, this sidewalk grant being one great example. Each improvement along the street makes the neighborhood a little better, a little nicer,” says Oron Daskal, whose family owns North Bowl and 944 N 2nd St.

The NLBID created this program to help overcome obstacles to sidewalk repair and make the neighborhood more walkable. The City of Philadelphia places responsibility for sidewalk maintenance on property owners even though they are utilized (and abused) by the public. Sidewalks can be quite expensive to replace, often falling to the bottom of everyone’s list of repairs and becoming critically damaged over time. If you are interested in learning more about or applying for the NLBID Sidewalk Replacement Grant, click here, or email us at info@explorenorthernliberties.org.